Ways to improve your observation

Ways to improve your observation


Go throug a little test. Remember the name of a small store that you pass every day, when you go to work. Or consider in detail how was your day before yesterday. This can be difficult, because we spend too much time on autopilot, often losing sight of the many little things that seem insignificant to us. And then, when we need to pay attention to something important and necessary, we can not concentrate. To avoid this – use the following ways to improve observation.

On observation

When you are observant, you zadeystvuete all their senses to explore you are interested in the subject or topic.

“Watch” – not the same as “see”. See – this is a passive state. For example, you can see his office and the people working in it, but do not notice the details and will not use this information as needed. Watch means paying attention intentionally and actively. You see the work of your colleagues, read information, and then develop specific approaches for communicating with each of them.

From an evolutionary point of view, this ability is given to us to notice the important stuff in the nature and behavior of the animals, so it is vital. But in the modern world is the ability to play a crucial, because lets you pay attention to detail, which, as we know, lies the devil.

8 ways to hone your observational skills

Explore your theme

It does not matter for what you see, you become more efficient when you know the topic well. The best results occur when combining what you know and what you see.

If you spend a weekend, riding on a boat, try to learn everything about it. The same applies to absolutely any topic – Japanese restaurant, for a football or a visit to a person of a certain profession.


It’s hard to be observant when you are in a hurry or are experiencing constant stress. Pause. Try to vary the speed of perception of the information, so if you slowed down, after some time accelerate. Always surprises the brain and do not let it stagnate.

Practice mindfulness.

Try something new

Observation skills can be improved by learning something completely new. This will help you develop mindfulness natural way. The more you have a hobby that you are fully absorbed, the higher your observational skills.

Go to the museum and gallery – they increase your skills by themselves, because the artists and creative people can make a person pay attention to their work.

Get rid of irritants

Your ability observer depends entirely on the ability to concentrate. Tom DeMarco and Timothy Lister in their book «Peopleware» argue that a person needs 15 minutes to resume the level of concentration, which was before the interruption. Therefore minimize stimuli.

Play games

Good mental training will help sharpen your perception. Play games such as:

Rubik’s Cube;
Online application for the development of the brain.
Develop memory

Memory – this is a critical aspect in the development of observation. One of the most effective exercises is to choose an arbitrary date from the past and a complete description of this day. It trains the long-term memory.

As for the short-term, then practice the following exercise: choose random items 15-20, study them for a minute, then set it aside and try to remember all the details – the color, shape, size. The same exercise can do with regard to music.

Keep a journal

Find a quiet, peaceful place where you will be able to describe their observations in a day. Goes beyond the simple observation, try to sketch what they saw in the smallest detail.

Develop critical thinking

For the development of observation and critical thinking is important. So, how well do you ask yourself questions, motivate and analyze your observations affect the efficiency of your observation.
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